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We walk down streets and avenues.
Under bridges, past alleyways
through train stations
living through headphones
as if they were going to ward off
evil spirits, missed stops and anyone looking for something to steal.

Barely writing
always listening
talking as little as possible
taking a deep breath
through air that isn't quite warm, has a slight chill
you exhale
and look forward.

Occasionally you see 3 am, though it's a rare occurence
and you think of all the nights driving down the I-10 freeway, early mornings really
when downtown phoenix was so empty after the gay boys and nighttime freaks left the clubs and Dennys and you could hear a pindrop as you drove through and around the veins of that city to go home.

You see 3 am now in empty train stations, cab rides and walk home down another set of quiet streets.
Story of your life.


I'm having a hard time finding women in the arts / women in higher education scholarships for grad school. I've signed up for fastweb but most of those don't seem to apply. Any suggestions on where else to look?
Thanks so much:)

house of om

I forgot how much I love house music, both for dancing and listening. I'm a big mark farina fan and this House of OM compilation is lovely:)


So I practiced finally. Set up my drums and practiced. Not revolutionary and I should have been doing it all this month but whatever.
I did some stick control, first page at different tempos.
I did some afro cuban and the mozambique.
I did paradiddle-diddle stuff while keeping all four limbs going.
I played all the funk and hip hop beats I transcribed, paying attention to the bass drum.
I worked on C's chart for her, played through it so I can record the drum part tomorrow. (yay garageband)

So I just have to keep going and keep going into practice with a plan. I will be bad-ass in six months if I keep this up.

**Note for later: transcribe drums off new mmw tune for fusion band, work on. Listen to bob mintzer tune for monday also.

Went to see Patti Smith documentary last night 'dream of life'. It was really good and there was a q and a with the director. Sarah and I went to see it, I think she is a bigger patti fan than I am:) Then we went to amsterdams for really well made martinis (I was good and stopped at two) and then went to dennys for food.
Yay for fun nights:)

I spoke to my friend who is a french teacher and she is going to give my sub number to the people in her school so I can get some jobs. I need to work and have not been getting calls even though I added more classifications. Hopefully I get called this week. I am teaching lessons on monday and then have a gig nov. 1st but that is it for money at the moment (that and the money I am getting from my church gig).


"The word feminism will be around as long as it is necessary for women to put a name on the sense of assertiveness, confidence and equality that, unnamed, has always been granted men."-from the new york times art review of the feminist art show at the brooklyn art museum


I'm learning the world isn't set up for us to follow our hearts. It's set up to keep us working shit jobs and broke and in debt.
....why did i go to music school again? ...i should have been a business major.

and i'm alone.

Professional Music Page

I made a professional music page for my drumming / jazz work.
Here's the link:

Go take a listen and add me if you like.

peanut butter cups equal halloween

ghosts! :)

i have a ghost theme on my lj for now.
look and comment:P


Progressive Beats Drop June 17th

Wall Street after dark heats up as Dj Hangman and guests drop Progressive House all night long, making the beats pop as part of the official Parkour USA Afterparty. Come shake your ass and watch the masters at work.
Here's the info if you want to go:

WHAT: Tasty House Beats by Dj Hangman and Crew, Parkour USA Afterparty
WHEN: June 17th, Saturday, 10pm till Dawn
WHERE: Nicki & Sam's, 83 Worth St
DIRECTIONS: A/C to Chambers Street (corner of Chambers & Church), walk north 4 blocks along Church, turn right.
COST: $10
21 to Dance, ID a Must!!

Presented by: FourKingz Entertainment: www.myspace.com/fourkingzentertainment

Beat Construction Remix Posted!!

The "Twilight Remix" of You Are Mine is posted at www.myspace.com/beatconstruction.

(If for some reason it is not at this moment, it will be in the next 24 hours)

Go take a listen, feedback requested.